About us

Through construction of a new, modern hard crushing plant in the early 1980’s a first step was made into a new era.

So today the various crushers can crush mineral raw materials up to 500 mm to a particle size down to 40 mm.
In the hard material dryer these materials are dried to a moisture down to about 0,2%.

The connected grinding plant is capable to grind up to Mohs’s hardness 9 (for comparison: diamonds have Mohs’s hardness 10) and, via the Mogensen sizer, sieve in standard grains of 0-1mm, 1 – 3 mm, 3 – 6 mm as well as in-between sizes. The capacity of the grinding plant adds up to about 1.000 tons/month and shift with standard grainings.

Since the late 1980’s the plant has been consequently equipped and modernized with the newest equipment for production of unshaped refractory masses and mortars. In the four modern and very flexible mixing equipment approximately 1.500 tons of refractory masses and mortars per shift can be mixed and packed in 10 – 50 kilo bags as well as in big bags and loose in the silo.

Modern bulk material boxes with a total capacity of about 30.000 tons were built (80% of them roofed) as well as new storage warehouses with a storage capacity of about 2.500 m2 to store multiple various raw materials on one hand and to store our finished products until delivery for intermediate storage on the other hand.

Geographically located at the Dernbach triangle, far away from towns in the industrial area of Rohr, the Concordia plant is surrounded by much green. When necessary we can produce in three shifts without disturbing any neighbors.

Besides standard grain sizes and monolithics we, of course, offer customer specific problem solving solutions. Dr. Ludwig GmbH will also continue its business within the clay industry, but somewhat definitely reduced.

In the end it was only logical to move the administration, which until 2003 had its headquarters in Koblenz, to the plant „Concordia“ in Ransbach-Baumbach.
The young team is highly motivated and is very much interested to continue the long tradition of the company and to secure the approximate 30 workplaces long-term.