Soil Excavation Acceptance in the clay pit Gottesgabe In der Grimmel

The clay pit is located between the villages Ebernhahn and Siershahn, Westerwald, along the L 303. Due to the good roads the pit is passable at any time of the year.

The pit was opened and run at the end of the 19th century by several well known clay firms. Today only two firms remain that share the pit. The excavation capacity for Ludwig GmbH is at present set at 300.000 m³.

The acceptance of the soil is being handled by our subsupplier TOKI, from Holler, represented by
Mr. Thomas Kilian, Tel. 02602 / 4187 . He is also the person responsible for the logistics as well as prices.

The refill has been settled through a Segment Conclusion Plan, admitted on March 8, 2002 under the reference number To a-G-20/00-7 via the Mine Filling Authority of Rhineland-Palatinate in Koblenz (today Ministry for Geology and Mining). The ruling stipulates that only LAGA Z1.1 materials can be used. This means that a clearance certificate from the county government has to be issued if the material is not more than 1000 m3 out of a similar transaction. With larger quantities an analysis as per LAGA regarding the Eluat and dense materials have to be submitted. With each and every refill samples are taken that have to be stored over a longer period of time.

After the final refill recultivation will be effected, e.g. the restauration of the surface according to a defined plan and as per the stipulations of the Mine Filling Authority of Rhineland-Palatinate.