Mixing Department – Products

At the end of the 1980’s a modern mixing department was built that at that time contained two mixers. A Hess mixer that actually came from the concrete industry and is capable for large masses beginning with 25 tons per order. The raw materials come directly from our swing-over grinding plant where the different grains and material types are being stored in 16 various 25-ton silos. Additionally purchased raw materials that have already been crushed can be stored in 3 silos with double chambers.

Also bagged goods, e.g. binders can be added via their own station. In order to make this procedure more flexible, we have another possibility to add sized materials out of flow-bin containers (flexible 1 ton container). These can be changed in a very short time and guarantee good flexibility.

The second is an Eirich mixer that is more suitable for plastic materials. Since it is connected to the same belt balance the same conditions apply to the raw materials.

In the mid-90’s the mixing department was enlarged with two further Eirich mixers whereby material from the flow-bin’s, bags as well as material from the two-chamber silo or the big 5 silos can be added with the utmost flexibility. These two mixers guarantee a change of the production program within 30 minutes.

Packing can be effected into big bags, paper bags at 50 kg, 25 kg and 10 kg, as well as loose into trucks.
The mixing and bagging capacity lies at about 2,5 tons per hour and unit.

We not only mix our own refractory mixes but also produce to a great extent for our competitors job order mixing. Customer protection and quality are top priority.