Quality Assurance

The management of Dr. Ludwig GmbH has for some time introduced the Quality Management System as per DIN ISO 9001-2000. It is within the responsibility of the management that the corresponding quality politics are also defined.
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Quality Politics

The management of Dr. Ludwig GmbH has determined the following for their quality politics:

1) Our success in the market for our refractory products is closely connected to their quality in direct connection with the endeavor to totally fulfil the demands of our customers.

2) Our QM-system is coordinated in such a manner as to continuously improve the quality of our products and services and to adapt them to the technical and commercial demands of our customers with the goal to reach the best possible customer satisfaction.

3) Whether a customer receives a service, standard product, a special product or a system solution the assured characteristics have to be fulfilled.

4) The flexibility of our suppliers to the solution of problems of our customers is anchored in our doings and lies within the responsibility of the quality assurance.

5) We can only reach our quality goals with a motivated and qualified team, because everyone is responsible for quality, be it staff or management. All members of the company are asked to work on the ongoing improvement process through engagement and teamwork for our customers and the company’s advantage. Primarily our emphasis lies in avoidance of errors, not elimination of errors.

6) Via preventive measures we produce quality from the very beginning!

7) This principle and the standards of the norm DIN EN ISO 9001-2000 are components of the management duties and the company’s philosophy and are being followed on all levels of decision making. Besides the quality politics we also formulate our goals and company strategy. The manufacture of our products underlies a defined structure.

8) The purchase of our raw materials is only being effected by suppliers with the exact product specification.

9) The raw materials being delivered are inspected in a detailed incoming inspection before being released for production.

10) The production of the refractory materials underlies a clearly defined proceedings.

During and after production the products undergo an intensive in-between and end inspection via an external lab.

Prior to delivery each products is inspected as per the criteria of the customer’s demands.

In the grinding plant the same criteria is being used. Entrance and exit inspections are the basic principles for fulfilling the customer’s demands.

All processes are documented and registered as per the norms. Our modern computer system is a helpful tool so that a tracing of the raw materials as well as production units is possible at any time.