We recycle various used refractory materials that cannot be integrated by our customers into the production process. We therefore contribute to a large extent to the avoidance of waste which is good for our environment and the general public.
Hereby new and in part highly valuable refractory products are generated that can be used without hesitation.

used SiC


grinding wheels

used chamottes

Examples of refractory products that can be recycled (Brand purity has to be guaranteed)

Used Chamottes27 % – 40 % Al2O3
Insulator Porcelain35 % – 50 % Al2O3
Sillimanite / Andalusite60 % – 65 % Al2O3
Bauxite Reclaimed Materialsup 85 % Al2O3
Corrundum / Tabular Reclaimed Materialup 90 % Al2O3
Fused Cast Product e.g. Corhart Zac33 % ZRO2

We also do job production crushing – if wanted with low iron content – for recycling materials such as:

Siliciumcarbide50 % – 99 % SIC
Pre-Fabricated Reclaimed Materials(max. edge length 800mm)

All Types of Aluminosilicates except basic Materials.

Chamotte                                         Corundum

2-6 mm                                           0,5-1,5 mm

    Tabular                                         SiC

      0-6 mm                                    1-3 mm